Superior Frame Package


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The Glock Superior frame package, the flagship of GLCW includes:

360 degree stippled grip

Stippled forward index points

Trigger guard undercut

Trigger guard forward reference notch

Magwell cut outs


*Custom patterns / textures are available upon request.  Desired custom pattern must be specified in the order notes.




Recommended when maximum texture is desired.  Ie:  Dedicated duty, or competition guns.


Medium texture is the middle ground.  Recommended for everyday carry, competition, or duty.


Carry texture is recommended when minimal texture is desired.  Ie: If the gun is to be carried against bare skin.

Hybrid Carry:

Carry texture on the sides for comfort against the body and medium on the front and back where grip is needed most.



*Notes: Unless otherwise specified, manufacturer logos will be stippled around.  All other markings will be stippled over.

While minimal, light colored frames such as “FDE”, or “Sand” may have slight discolorations in the stippled area.

Cerakoted, or other coated frames require an additional $40 fee and will be two toned, or will need re-coated to match.

Custom patterns and designs available upon request.

Additional information

Weight 2.9 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1.5 in
Frame Size

Full Size, Medium, Sub Compact


Chaos (Recommended), Custom Pattern


Carry, Medium, Aggressive, Hybrid Carry

Backstrap option

No extra backstrap not included, Stipple included backstrap, Meld & stipple included backstrap