Michigan Concealed Pistol Training Course



You and your loved ones deserve better than an $89 “puppy mill” cpl training course. Be a more prepared, RESPONSIBLY armed citizen with a personal, small class experience under experienced, knowledgeable instructor, industry professional, and competitive shooter Brad Adcock.

Brad has been steeped in the defensive firearms world for nearly 20 years now as owner of Great Lakes Custom Works and now Minuteman Defense. He’s a competitive shooter, RSO, MD, and now President of the American Confederation of Tactical Shooters (ACTS) 2-gun competition. Brad is a certified trainer and Chief RSO through both the NRA and USCCA in multiple disciplines. He’s logged thousands of hours of formal instruction, competition, and training, and is ready to pass the knowledge he’s gained on to anyone who will listen.

Students will not only get the best CPL training experience available in the area, but will also leave with a resource, and support system for after the class as well. Class will be Sat, 22 April from 9am to 6pm. A note pad & pens to take notes are STRONGLY encouraged as there will be a LOT of information presented in a short period of time. We will not take a hard lunch break, so please bring drinks and snacks to keep you going throughout the day. Bring plenty of water as dehydration is a silent killer, even in the winter. Students should also bring the tools they plan to carry. Their handgun, at least one extra magazine, a GOOD holster & belt, and a minimum of 100 rounds of practice ammunition. NO RELOADS!! NO firearms, or live ammunition in the classroom. If students do not have a handgun of their own yet, we are happy to offer a variety of models available for rental. Rental cost is $25 and does not include ammo. We do not have ammo available for purchase at this time. To purchase ammo, please visit Not Just Guns in Mason. Sunblock, bug repellent, a hat, boots, rain gear, and weather appropriate clothing are also highly suggested for range time as class will run through the weather with the exception of lightning. Clothing should not be baggy, loose fitting, or tops low cut. No open toed shoes. Course will be held at Centerline Gun Club of Calhoun County.


Course cost is $125 which includes a $25 range fee. Please submit questions by messaging the event page, or email Brad at brad@greatlakescustomworks.com.


Remember: We don’t get to choose the circumstances in which evil rears it’s ugly head, they chose us. Be prepared.

Register here:  Michigan CPL Course by Minuteman Defense