My department recently purchased new duty and off-duty Glock pistols. Striving for the perfect fit and proper grip, I reached out to Brad and he performed a grip eduction, Michigan package and chopped backstrap meld on a pistol as a demonstration piece for us. The work was flawless and made a huge difference for our smaller-handed shooters as well as ensuring proper grip. We had Brad work on most of our duty pistols as well, and all our off-duty pistols. We decided to go with the RMRcc optic on our off-duty pistols. Brad had our slides cut for the RMRcc and a rear sight notch in front of the optic. From inquiring about options through receiving our pistols back and firing them on the range, Brad was amazing to work with. His work is perfect, customer service is top notch, and his communication was great. I can’t recommend Great Lakes Custom Works enough, especially to other police departments. You owe it to your officers to give them every advantage if they ever need to use their weapon, so set them up for success and have their pistol tailored to them.
– Officer Geoff Daley, New London Police Department, New London, New Hampshire.