Lead Times:

In house work: Under 4 weeks guaranteed, not including shipping time. 

Slide milling: Apx 8-12 weeks not including shipping time.

Yes…  These times are accurate and current




Due to recent changes in carrier policy that amount to nothing more than back door gun control, serialized handgun frames / receivers are no longer shippable directly to or from “unlicensed” individuals.  

Customers can ship their items to us however they chose at their own risk.  We will accept all packages.  That being said…..

Per US Commerce in Firearms and Ammunition (CFA), the Gun Control Act of 1968, and carrier policies:  

Serialized handgun frames / receivers are only shippable to and from “licensed individuals” (FFLs) – This means we are no longer able to ship them directly back to you but are required to ship them to your ffl.  We highly recommend shipping from the FFL you plan on having the gun shipped back to.  Otherwise, your ffl will be required to treat it as if it were a new purchase, requiring new background check / transfer.
We highly recommend USPS priority mail, insured for the proper value, and adult signature required for shipping individual handgun frames / receivers, and larger flat rate boxes for larger / multiple items.  This is how they will be return shipped, and what you must select as your shipping option during checkout. USPS also requires the submission of a USPS form 1508 certifying the restricted contents of the package.  For high value items, specifically ones over $1k, USPS Registered Mail is the best option.  
LE / Military:  There are special exceptions for duty guns sent from law enforcement agencies, or active duty military personnel.  Please read USPS policy found below to see if you qualify, then contact us prior to placing your order for details on this.  
*We do not offer local drop off to the general public.  Please do not select local drop off unless we have made prior arrangements with you to do so.  If you are local and would like to drop off, you can find a list of dealers where you may do so at no additional cost to you below.  If using one of our dealers, you must place your order with that dealer, not through the website.  
*We do not provide shipping / tracking updates or package receipt confirmations.  Once packages are in transit, they are out of our control.  Please use your provided tracking number for updates and receipt confirmation.  If your package does not arrive when the carriers’ tracking info said it would, that is again out of our hands, and should be taken up with the carrier.  If shipping through an FFL, we understand you may not have tracking info… the ffl does.  Please get tracking information from them.  
USPS firearm shipping policies can be found here, UPS’ here, and FedEx’s here.





Recommended when maximum texture is desired.  Ie:  Dedicated duty, or competition guns.


The middle ground.  Recommended for everyday carry, competition, or duty.


Recommended when minimal texture is desired.  Ie: If the gun is to be carried against bare skin.

Hybrid Carry:

Medium texture on the front and back where traction is most critical with carry texture on the sides.

*Please note that all work is done by hand and can vary slightly from job to job.

*Custom stippling patterns available for an additional fee upon request.


Payment Options:

For custom work, we appreciate checks sent with your gun to avoid unnecessary CC fees.  However, we are happy to accept CC payments for those orders as well.  For parts / gear / other orders where a gun is not being sent in for modification, CC is the best option. 

COD is only an option if we have made prior arrangements with you to do so.  Please do not select COD as your payment option if you have not received prior approval from us.  

If you are planning on utilizing one of our dealers for shipping / transfer, you MUST place the order with that dealer.  Please do NOT place an order with us online if you are planning on using a dealer for shipping / transfer.  



Returns for refund or exchange on parts or gear may be made upon approval by and at the sole discretion of GLCW.  Purchaser must contact us and get approval before returning any product.  Parts may be returned if they are incorrect (not the part ordered), broken, or inoperable.  GLCW reserves the right to decline any return.    Purchaser is responsible for return shipping and returns for refund will be assessed a 20% restocking fee.  No returns, refunds, or exchanges on services.  



We are an 01 licensed federal firearms licensee.  A copy of our FFL can be found here.



Though minimal, light-colored frames such as “FDE”, or “Sand” may be slightly discolored in stippled areas.

Due to unavoidable discoloration, grip reductions performed on light colored frames such as FDE, tan, or grey must be cerakoted after a grip reduction has been performed.

If an aftermarket magwell is to be installed, please include it with the firearm to be customized.  

Areas customized, but not stippled will have a non-factory, smooth, matte finish.



Q:     Where can I see, and actually FEEL GLCW work?

A:     Customers may now order sample cards of our stippling textures available in our custom shop.  They can also stop at a number of great stores carrying GLCW display models like ATEi in Taylor, MI, Not Just Guns in Mason, MI, CMP Distributors in Lansing, MI, Ronin Arms in Cheyenne, WY, or Barracks 616 in Grand Rapids, MI during business hours to see in stock items.  Or, customers can also see GLCW guns and grow their skills as shooters at training courses with one of the great firearms trainers we are proud to call family like Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute (MDFI), DMI Performance, Onsight Firearms Training, or Defensive Training Group

Q:     Can I drop my gun off in person?

A:     We are a home-based small business and as such, do not facilitate drop offs for the general public.  However, we have a number of dealers across the country like ATEi in Taylor, MI, Not Just Guns in Mason, MI, CMP Distributors in Lansing, MI, Ronin Arms in Cheyenne, WY, or Barracks 616 in Grand Rapids, MI, where customers may drop their firearms off and process their orders. If you are using one of our dealers, you must place your order with that dealer, not on the GLCW website.  

Q:     I just ordered custom work, what do I need to send?

A:     If only framework is being performed, then we only need the frame, and any aftermarket parts not purchased from GLCW to be installed on it.  This does not mean the frame MUST be stripped.  You can send us the whole gun if you like.  

Q:     Why am I being asked to pay for shipping when I’m already paying to send my gun to you?

A:     Because we have to send it back to you.

Q:     I received a shipping notification that a label has been created, does that mean my order has shipped?

A:     No, it means a label has been created.  For tracking information, please use the tracking number.

Q:     I am going to be adding other aftermarket parts to my gun.  Can I just get them from GLCW?

A:     Yes.  We can acquire and install just about anything you need.  Please visit our parts and gear section for parts we carry.  

Q:     Do you sell guns?

A:     Yes – We can generally order most firearms.  Please just send us an email if you desire to purchase a firearm through us.  Please note, that all new firearm purchases must be shipped to an FFL for transfer to the customer.

Q:     I want (XXXX), but I don’t see it on your page.  Can / will you do / acquire that?

A:     If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask.  You may email or call us to find out if we offer what you are looking for.

Q:     Why is there an additional fee for working on Cerakoted, or other coated frames?

A:     It is not possible to stipple over Cerakote, or other coatings.  These coating must be meticulously sanded off the area to be customized without going outside of those areas at all.  This is a very detailed, and time-consuming process.

Q:     I have a gun that I, or someone else ruined by trying framework ourselves.  Can you fix it?

A:     Yes…usually.

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