Private Firearms Instruction



Have you wanted to get into defensive firearms training but can’t find the time to make it to a scheduled course?  Are you nervous to train around others?  Or perhaps you just want the lowest student to instructor ration for the most effective and productive training possible.  You and your loved ones deserve better than an $89 “puppy mill” training courses. Be a more prepared, RESPONSIBLY armed citizen with a personal, private instruction under experienced, knowledgeable instructor, industry professional, and competitive shooter Brad Adcock.

Brad has been steeped in the defensive firearms world for nearly 20 years now as owner of Great Lakes Custom Works and now Minuteman Defense. He’s a competitive shooter, RSO, MD, and now President of the American Confederation of Tactical Shooters (ACTS) 2-gun competition. Brad is a certified trainer and Chief RSO through both the NRA and USCCA in multiple disciplines. He’s logged thousands of hours of formal instruction, competition, and training, and is ready to pass the knowledge he’s gained on to anyone who will listen.

Set up private training time for you, or a group of you and friends or loved ones today with Minuteman Defense Private Training.

Available for defensive pistol or carbine.

Price is per hour.  Minimum of 2.5 hours.

Please contact us to make arrangements before purchasing.